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  Repels Insects    That Spread... 

Lyme Disease,  Zika

West Nile, Bird Flu etc..

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 I live in S Florida and I went on a midnight Bituminous Kayaking tour on Merrit Island in Mosquito Lagoon! It is notorious for no-see-ums (especially at night) my daughter and I used Captains Ron's Natural Insect Repellent and we didn't get any bites at all!.... AMAZING!


Please know I was skeptical and even had Deet bug spray with me just in case we started to get bit but we didn't have to use it!   I totally recommend this product and Thanks, Cap't Ron! .....You Rock!


Susan K, Fort Lauderdale, FL

     Oh Captain!  My Captain!

 can't tell you what a find this was for me! I have tried every natural product and home remedy known to man to stop GREEN FLIES from biting us when out on the boat.... This product works!


Thanks, Capt Ron!

Carl D. ( Long Island NY )

Joseph K

August 9, 2017

 After having spent many years using repellents using DEET, my family and I turned to all natural products due to the adverse health effects of DEET. After a long journey with ineffective natural products I stumbled across Captain Ron's all natural insect repellent.


 I am truly amazed by how effective this product works. Living, fishing, and boating on the Great South Bay, Mosquitos, no see ums, and biting flies were just something to get used to until I started using this product.


No more. Once the repellent is applied, pests just ignore me. I have even tested it while cutting the grass at dusk.

Without the repellent, I am eaten alive, however, once i apply it, I can stay outside all night without anything biting.


I have even recently moved to Florida and now live in the middle of a nature preserve and it works like a charm here. I thank you for making a product that keeps my family safe from not only pests, but harmful chemicals and allows me to enjoy the outdoors. I encourage everyone to try it out for themselves.

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